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a perfectionist, a traveler, and a life enthusiast who is passionate about face & body painting and creative makeup design

first had personal makeup class in 2006 and started providing makeup & hair styling service since 2009

keep refining makeup & hair styling skills, took an advanced training programme in Japanese bridal makeup, airbrush makeup and stage makeup

stayed United Kingdom and completed an one-on-one advanced face painting training course under a renowned UK face & body painter

participated in World Body Painting Festival 2016 & 2017 at Austria, learnt more advanced techniques from international renowned face & body painting artists from Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada, and Colombia.

I love makeup & body art, feel blessed to make everyone enjoying the art together

於2006年第一次學習個人化妝 – 認為先要懂自己, 化自己



持續提昇化妝及髮型造型技巧, 深造高清化妝, 創意化妝, 日式化妝及舞台化妝等


熱愛令不同大小朋友也感到開心自信, 香港首位本地肚皮彩繪師用心為懷孕媽媽度身設計屬於父母與寶寶的故事!

What fiona uses…

All face & body paint materials are imported from the Netherlands, USA or UK


Brands: Paradise, diamond FX, Grimas, Silly Farm, TAG, PaintGlow ..etc

Cosmetics 化妝品

Brands: Shiseido, Shu Uemura, MAC, IPSA, Lancome, Laneige, KATE, etc.


– Fiona LAM

fiona’s face

Hong Kong makeup, face & baby bump painting artist

About fiona’s face painting team
Fiona has a catalogue of hand-picked painting artists capable of providing the highest quality entertainment in Cantonese, English or Mandarin. Each artist is experienced and has their work & paint materials personally vetted by Fiona to maintain the high standards.

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