Party Guide in HK – how to plan an impressive kids party?

by Fiona (Professional in kids & art)

Home party with face painting by Fiona

More than 100 parties on the same weekend and how to plan yours? This guide aims to help parents organise an unforgettable party for their kids.

Here are the things to consider:

  • Guests & their age range
  • Venue choices in HK
  • Decoration & Catering options
  • Entertainment

Venue choices

There are two main categories of venues, the 1st category is relatively unrestrained and you have to arrange everyone like food & entertainment. Choices include your sweet home, clubhouse(activity room, sports field, pool), outdoor playground, kindergarten.

The 2nd category is well equipped with facilities and staff will be provided to host your event. Choices include indoor playhouse (Baumhaus, Wise-kids playroom, Trampoline park like Ryze, rock climbing gym like Verm City), cooking school, car racing, gym studio, restaurant (e.g. Pizza), fast food restaurant (e.g. Mcdonald), kids-friendly café, art jamming studio, pet café, horse riding school, barbeque spots….., etc.

Consider the number of and the age range of the birthday girl/boy & guests.

  1. Babies: 1 to 2 years, actually your babies don’t know what is party! If your guests are mostly adults, home, clubhouses and kids-friendly cafés are good choices. Clean playhouses with many toys and play mats are definitely great.
  2. Toddlers: 3 to 6 years, these kids are more active. They are able to follow game rules and commands, so group games is a must! For boys, more jumping & sports activities, or even car racing. For girls, prepare costumes and makeup toys, or food/dessert making.
  3. Children 6 years or above, boys are most active. Prepare ball games and competitivev races for them. Girls have started to dress up. Prepare cooking or craftwork classes for them.


Option1: purchase from party shops/balloon shops/Log-on/stationary shops/TaoBao

Option2: reuse / buy 2nd-hand stuff from other mamas & parties

Option3: order backdrop and whole sets of decoration/utensils with party house

Personally, environmental-friendly & reusable props are highly recommended. For babies, big alphabet balloons, happy birthday banner and helium balloons are basic. For toddlers, let your birthday kid choose the theme/character. For children & teenagers, not much decoration is needed.

Catering (3 main options):

Party food delivery services, party venues food package or homemade food.


  • Professional face painting (show & game, detail here)
  • Magic show & games
  • Balloon twisting performer
  • bubble fun
  • Reptile animals
  • science games
  • bouncy castle
  • parents prepare materials for DIY art & craft…etc

Similar to wedding planning, everything depends on your budget and preference. Both home-made dinner with a simple birthday cake and a large crazy party comprising >40 kids create the same fun & happiness. The major concern is whether the kids are enjoying themselves, are able to enhance play & social skills from the interactions & games, and can learn to treasure their families, friends, gifts and food …., etc.
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