Baby Bump Painting for 車婉婉





Can you see what horoscopes on the sky?

Baby Bump Painting feature by Apple Daily HK蘋果日報果籽專訪

Special thanks Apple Daily HK featuring Fiona’s baby bump painting Video & Article



Face Painting @ Haye’s 5th birthday party 熹熹皇室城堡生日派對

Birthday party professional face painting services

Happy Birthday Haye, wish you & your family happy & sweet all the time!
Thanks so much Pearl mama & Bob papa.
A birthday party with more than 100 kids, some mamas & auntie have been painted by our artists as well. Contact here for booking. More party photos here with Fiona(about here).
Some of the photos credit to party photographer Junie Chu Photography

What a happy & sweet family!
Thanks so much for including fiona’s face painting team in Haye’s birthday party!
A huge party full of laugh & happy faces!
Thanks so much fiona’s face painting team!!! We all love face painting & kids!

My Little Pony Friendship Carnival

Fiona & her professional face painting team, is the exclusive official face painting artist team being invited to paint in the Hong Kong My Little Pony Friendship Carnival at Central HK Observatory Wheel Park. We have painted several thousands of pony for 18 days!
繼之前香港孩子寶邀請 (詳情這裡), 我們是小馬寶莉友誼嘉年華大會指定獨家彩繪團隊, 十八天裡為大小可愛畫上數千隻全城最高質的小馬彩繪。

High quality guaranteed. Private parties with us: here ; Corporate events with us: here

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Sports art at Foot Locker

Our professional experience and skills could offer attractive face & body painting arts for your shoppers/ guests. Foot Locker trusted us and open for us to design sports-theme face painting & handcrafted temporary tattoo body art!

More events with fiona’s face handcrafted temporary tattoo: 1 (Tissot Watch), 2 (overall events)

Contact here for a quote of our “Face & body art Buffet Bar service”

Handcrafted Temporary Tattoo body art

During hot summer, raining season & for night event, waterproof face & body art is definitely a great choice. Both adults & teenagers love it! The artistic design can stay for a few days! More events with fiona’s face handcrafted temporary tattoo: 1 (Tissot Watch), 2 (Foot Locker HK), HK Towngas

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ESF Run x Cigna

ESF Run 2019 x Cigna

Our team was so exciting to paint the families on a sunny beautiful day in ESF Hong Kong Run organized by English Schools Foundation 英基學校協會! Thanks Cigna & organizers’ love.

TISSOT Lady Heart VIP night

Tailormade floral theme handcrafted temporary tattoo for TISSOT LadyHeart VIP night.
We offer face & body painting art / corporate tattoos (here) / custom designs (here) to represent your brand in fun fairs, exhibitions, parties, team building actions, inaugurations..etc. Click here to see more events with us.

Christmas Party

Christmas Face Painting/ Glitter Festival Bar for both kids & kidults!!

So much fun to have face painting in Corporate Christmas Party with kids! December is the peak season and BOOK early!! Contact here
About Fiona: here; More photos from galleries: 1, 2


My Little Pony x ToyRus Surprise Celebration

Fiona is invited by the official Hasbro HK to paint all sweeties with their favorite My Little Pony hand painting at Toys R Us headquarter shop in Tsim Sha Tsui. Besides, we are official face painting artist team in HK MLP Carnival detail click here
香港第一位專業彩繪師接受小馬寶莉官方邀請於尖沙咀海港城玩具反斗城旗艦店為小貴賓畫上全城最高質素的小馬。另外是香港小馬寶莉嘉年華大會指定彩繪團隊: 詳情

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Interview at London

Interview at London

2018年7 月參加世界臉部彩繪比賽得top 10後,很榮幸邀請接受訪問。
剛巧彩繪師和比賽後去倫敦探親,剛巧BB是32週, 緣份。
Fiona第一次全英語面對鏡頭很緊張, 所有問題都是即場問即場答沒有事情準備。

地點位於倫敦白金漢宮旁的St. James Park, 亦是第一次於戶外畫肚皮, 是繼之前所有訪問另一段難忘、難得及特別的體驗。
在草地上, 有大有小的野餐和談天, 經過的人特別大聲讚賞。其實香港有很多地方也適合拍肚皮彩繪戶外孕照,歡迎查詢

Honored to be interviewed after my 1st face painting (World Award) competition.
Nervous to speak English nonstop in front of camera.
The interview was done at St. James’ Park of London, it’s my first outdoor bellypaint since I have painted for 3 years. Actually many locations in HK are good for outdoor bellypaint & maternity photos too! Detail here.

Thanks David Addis, subscribe his youtube channel:

adidas x FIFA World Cup 2018 @Fashion Walk

Waterproof airbrush face & body paint

Fiona & teammate provided waterproof airbrush tailor-made face & body art for dancers & performers of adidas World Cup Parade 2018 at Causeway Bay Fashion Walk. Contact here for your coming event & click here to see our super cool UV face & body art for another adidas event!
世界盃全城關注, 國際運動品牌加入我們的專業設計防水彩繪藝術於巡遊表演者及舞者臉或身上!

“Walkabout” service – Pioneer in Hong Kong

Our team provides “Walkabout” waterproof face & body painting services for KOLs/ public on 3 weekends, all enjoyed without concern about sweat & hot weather!
香港首隊專業流動彩繪師, 可在活動不同位置為嘉賓/參與者提供彩繪娛樂!

Summer Boat Show

Colorful & funny entertainment for guests in your event! We offered customized theme face painting designs , waterproof glitter and airbrush tattoo, your guests can choose their favorite option.

Client: Simpson Marine 
More corporate events with us here; contact here for quotation & booking.