All feedback/comments are our motivation to keep our service at 100% high-quality & satisfaction guaranteed in Hong Kong.

Quoted a few of them and more found from facebook visitor posts & photo comments:


  • Kiko (bride): “thank you sososososo much…Your makeup is so on point and you are so accommodating to every single request I had, makeup lasted for the whole day..”
  • Cheryl (bride from UK): “Thanks so so much Fiona!!! You were amazing!!…”
  • Ginnie (bride): “..真係非常多謝您, 有您這個化妝師, 真係放心哂! 無言感激..”
  • Pinky (bridemaid team): “Waaaaaa we looked vvvv pretty :)) thx Fi :))”
  • Masi (shooting makeup) – “Thank u so much for the lovely makeup and hairdo….I need u to do my makeup as I’ve no time to make myself beautiful”
  • Peninsula Hotel Group (event makeup): “我地個造型…贏咗musical performance冠軍! 多謝您幫我地, 下次有需要一定要搵您幫手。"
  • Ms Candy Wong黃芷瑩 (professional MC/現任美亞 /前有線娛樂主持): You are always my best makeup & hairdo artist! 我以後出每場大Show都要您!!!

Face Painting

  • VIP of Marriott Group: “Thank you again for your beautiful work! I will be emailing to Marriott and provide my feedback!”
  • PR staff of Thomson Reuters in HK7s: “such a wonderful job over 7s..”
  • PR staff of HK 7s executive suite: ” Well done. They all love your works.”
  • HK Gold Coast: “你地真係畫得好靚”
  • PR of CP Egg Run: “阿CP客好like yr face painting…泰國領事個女黎(好鍾意)…”
  • Josie’s mama (pool party with waterproof face painting) – “…I searched online and found you. Angel was wonderful..the parents asked for your details..”
  • Odelia’s mama (birthday party) – “你們真的很專業! 我見過最美最美的face paint & 扭波!”
  • Party photographer Junie – “Fiona的painting 好靚, 其實每次見到妳畫緊, 我都唔知幾想坐埋去俾你畫埋一份…”

Babybump Painting

  • Editor of Baby-Mo magazine: ..多謝您就真..為幾位孕媽咪畫左咁靚嘅圖案, 令我哋嘅週年活動生色不少!”
  • Zoe (babybump painting) – “You are really professional~ I love the monkey very much, 真係唔捨得抹”
  • Nikki (makeup + babybump painting maternity shooting package) – “I love yr makeup n body art very much!! Thx arr”
  • Angela (on-site babybump painting) 全家都好開心, 玩到..



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