Feature in “Pregnancy” (Eugene group) magazine 荷花 《孕媽媽》專題訪問


Feature in two Pregnancy magazine of Eugene Group (Hong Kong’s No.1 magazine & guide for pregnant mamas)

另第192期兩大頁的專題訪問(我見到兩大頁也呆了), 網上版: 按此

Official facebook page of Pregnancy magazine:


HK Gold Coast Easter Egg Hunt

Fiona’s professional face painting team artists Angel, Janet, Kman has painted around 300 kids in HK Gold Coast Egg Hunt 2018! Contact us for your coming event!
復活節香港黃金海岸親子尋蛋樂中我們高質素臉部彩繪大受歡迎, 共為大約三百位大小朋友帶來歡樂!

AmCham HK Annual Ball

Face & body entertainment for guests in an evening ball.

Event: Annual Ball of American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong

Theme: 2018 Mardi Gras; 2019 Mo Town

Artist: Fiona & Angel (Contact us for your coming event!)

Hong Kong Sevens

HK Sevens with VIP face painting service

Our high quality face painting services for your VIP guests in the Executive suites! Enjoying such wonderful international sport match in HK with colors! Contact us for your suite/coming event!


Our clients:

Marriott Rewards萬豪酒店國際集團 2017, 2018, 2019

Thomson Reuters 湯森路透社公司2018


All feedback/comments are our motivation to keep our service at 100% high-quality & satisfaction guaranteed in Hong Kong.

Quoted a few of them and more found from facebook visitor posts & photo comments:


  • Kiko (bride): “thank you sososososo much…Your makeup is so on point and you are so accommodating to every single request I had, makeup lasted for the whole day..”
  • Cheryl (bride from UK): “Thanks so so much Fiona!!! You were amazing!!…”
  • Ginnie (bride): “..真係非常多謝您, 有您這個化妝師, 真係放心哂! 無言感激..”
  • Pinky (bridemaid team): “Waaaaaa we looked vvvv pretty :)) thx Fi :))”
  • Masi (shooting makeup) – “Thank u so much for the lovely makeup and hairdo….I need u to do my makeup as I’ve no time to make myself beautiful”
  • Peninsula Hotel Group (event makeup): “我地個造型…贏咗musical performance冠軍! 多謝您幫我地, 下次有需要一定要搵您幫手。"
  • Ms Candy Wong黃芷瑩 (professional MC/現任美亞 /前有線娛樂主持): You are always my best makeup & hairdo artist! 我以後出每場大Show都要您!!!

Face Painting

  • VIP of Marriott Group: “Thank you again for your beautiful work! I will be emailing to Marriott and provide my feedback!”
  • PR staff of Thomson Reuters in HK7s: “such a wonderful job over 7s..”
  • PR staff of HK 7s executive suite: ” Well done. They all love your works.”
  • HK Gold Coast: “你地真係畫得好靚”
  • PR of CP Egg Run: “阿CP客好like yr face painting…泰國領事個女黎(好鍾意)…”
  • Josie’s mama (pool party with waterproof face painting) – “…I searched online and found you. Angel was wonderful..the parents asked for your details..”
  • Odelia’s mama (birthday party) – “你們真的很專業! 我見過最美最美的face paint & 扭波!”
  • Party photographer Junie – “Fiona的painting 好靚, 其實每次見到妳畫緊, 我都唔知幾想坐埋去俾你畫埋一份…”

Babybump Painting

  • Editor of Baby-Mo magazine: ..多謝您就真..為幾位孕媽咪畫左咁靚嘅圖案, 令我哋嘅週年活動生色不少!”
  • Zoe (babybump painting) – “You are really professional~ I love the monkey very much, 真係唔捨得抹”
  • Nikki (makeup + babybump painting maternity shooting package) – “I love yr makeup n body art very much!! Thx arr”
  • Angela (on-site babybump painting) 全家都好開心, 玩到..



Sports event – CP Eggnergy Run

Customized face & body art for your event

Many happy faces in CP Eggnergy Egg Run, 2017 & 2018! We offer makeup services / Face & body painting art / corporate tattoos (here) / custom logos (here) to represent your brand in fun fairs, exhibitions, parties, team building actions, inaugurations..etc. Click here to see more events with us.

Make your stand or advertising brand something else, give it life and turn it into something artistic. Contact here for your coming sport event/family day.

Hanukkah Celebration

Jewish religious event: Giant Menorah Lighting, Hanukkah Celebration

Venue: Chatar Garden, Central

Contact us to include high-quality face painting in your coming event.

UV face & body art @Adidas Black Friday Party

Cool & Chic with UV face & body art!

潮人型人大派對。adidas Originals Hong Kong has included fiona’s UV Face & Body Art in their cool black party to capture attention of all KOLs, guests & customers. (more here)

Make your stand or advertising brand something else, give it life and turn it into something artistic! All materials we use are hypo-allergic, gentle to skin & safe. Contact here for unique entertainment in your coming cool & stylish brand promotion event.

Top HK Face Painter by littlestepsasia.com

LittleStepsAsia.com, has nominated Fiona as one of the Top Hong Kong Face Painters and highly recommend for parents in Hong Kong. Thank you very much.

Face painting artworks by fiona: here

Birthday party with fiona & her team artist: here

Corporate events with fiona: here

event makeup/ face art by Fiona: here


Road to Ultra: Hong Kong 2017

Customized stylish cool designs for the world’s premier EDM festival!

Waterproof airbrush face & body art and perfect even hot & sweating weather 33C degree!

過這個Fiona嗎?又一獨家原創設計專業防水噴繪藝術給這全球第一電子音樂盛事 Road to Ultra: Hong Kong

Contact here for your coming stylish party!