UV face & body art @Adidas Black Friday Party

Cool & Chic with UV face & body art!

潮人型人大派對。adidas Originals Hong Kong has included fiona’s UV Face & Body Art in their cool black party to capture attention of all KOLs, guests & customers. (more here)

Make your stand or advertising brand something else, give it life and turn it into something artistic! All materials we use are hypo-allergic, gentle to skin & safe. Contact here for unique entertainment in your coming cool & stylish brand promotion event.

Charity Events with fiona’s face

Charity Events with our safe colors 為慈善機構活動增添色彩

Fiona & her caring team artists not only love face & body arts, and hope to share happiness to more kids & kidults in charity events. We all offer quality service with imported materials (detail here)

Thanks invitation from following organizations (but not limited to below & random order):

HK Federation of Youth Groups – HK FLL Robotic Tournament 2017, 2018; Hospital Authority HK East cluster (Spring Family Fun day 2016, 2017, 2018); Children’s Cancer Foundation Christmas Party 2015,2016,2017; Caritas HK; HK Christian Service; The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong ; Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui;  LEAP; Sunshine Group; Sai Kung Art & About ; Baby Kingdom Environmental Protection Education FundWWF HK (World Wildlife Fund); YWCA; Chinese YMCA; The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children; Christian Action; A Drop of Life;  Lions Club Phoenix HK…etc 

香港青年協會; 醫院管理局港島東區聯網; 兒童癌病基金; 香港明愛; 香港基督教服務處; 小童群益會; 聖公會; 生活教育活動計劃; 瑪麗醫院春暉社-兒童癌症及血病中心互助會; 藝聚西貢籌委會; 親子環保教育基金; 世界自然基金會香港分會; 香港中華基督教青年會; 香港弱能兒童互助會; 基督教勵行會; 點滴是生命; 香港鳳凰獅子會…等等


Face Painting @ Haye’s 5th birthday party 熹熹皇室城堡生日派對

Birthday party professional face painting services

Happy Birthday Haye, wish you & your family happy & sweet all the time!
Thanks so much Pearl mama & Bob papa.
A birthday party with more than 100 kids, some mamas & auntie have been painted by our artists as well. Contact here for booking. More party photos here with Fiona(about here).
Some of the photos credit to party photographer Junie Chu Photography

What a happy & sweet family!
Thanks so much for including fiona’s face painting team in Haye’s birthday party!
A huge party full of laugh & happy faces!
Thanks so much fiona’s face painting team!!! We all love face painting & kids!

Water Conservation Carnival 2016


Painted lots of faces on a beautiful Sunday with fiona’s face painting team at the Water Conservation Carnival organized by HK Water Supplies Department, say Hi to 滴惜仔 Water Save Dave!!img_0528


Face Painting @ Allstar Fencing Competition亞洲劍擊錦標賽

很多謝校長和教練的邀請,於由香港劍擊學校主辦的《亞洲十四以下劍擊錦標賽》及《明日之星總決賽》活動中為小朋友作開心彩繪及扭汽球!校長很細心,安排我們令參賽者及家人開開心心, 部份可放鬆緊張心情! 畫彩繪看賽事, 不一定只發生在七人欖球賽裡!

Thanks for including fiona’s face painting in Allstar Asian U14 Fencing Championships & Tomorrow’s Star Fencing Competition, organized by Hong Kong Fencing School! Thanks Mr. Principal and my assistant painting artists Angel & KMan.


equal Largest Dessert Party

最甜甜的大型派對 ~由怡口健康糖及山崎麵包主辦的《最大規模甜品派對》