Sports art at Foot Locker

Our professional experience and skills could offer attractive face & body painting arts for your shoppers/ guests. Foot Locker trusted us and open for us to design sports-theme face painting & handcrafted temporary tattoo body art!

More events with fiona’s face handcrafted temporary tattoo: 1 (Tissot Watch), 2 (overall events)

Contact here for a quote of our “Face & body art Buffet Bar service”

Body Painting of HK artist Fiona

Multiple options to animate your photos/event with Fiona, for example:

  • Body paint for photo sessions;
  • Brand/product promotion, VIP campaign, shop opening, exhibition..etc;
  • Prenatal Body paint or babybump paint (detail)
  • Artistic makeup for costume parties (example), corporate dinner(detail).

Abstract, freestyle, story-telling, cool & chic body artworks by a passionate HK artist (more about Fiona here).

Being body painting model:

If you love my face or body painting art and interest to be my model (no prior experience is needed), go here.

The creative makeup project

mermaid~ started with a pair of false eyelashes in which naughty coral fish & seahorse playing together~


Temporary tattoo art: Henna, Airbrush, Glitter

Fiona can offer temporary tattoo art(waterproof) upon request, or arrange professional & safe Henna artist for your event. Contact here

UV Party @ Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park

Impressive Summer holiday started and no more school!

Offer the public/ your guests our professional and fun temporary tattoo service and make your party something unique. Many kidults enjoyed a hot night with Fiona’s waterproof UV face/body painting! More events here with us. Contact here for booking.

Baby Bump Painting for 荷花 OURS《媽媽寶寶》專題訪問

Interview of HK 1st local belly painting artist

感謝荷花 EugeneBaby《媽媽寶寶》編輯欣賞Fiona的作品並邀請於二零一七年四月號雜誌接受訪問,當日為靚靚媽媽示範並畫上以她大小兒子為主題的肚皮畫。更多訪問及報導。按此查詢及預約。
Thanks “OURS mama & baby” magazine inviting for interview, introducing and demonstrate babybump painting on pretty mama expecting her 2nd son!