Sports art at Foot Locker

Our professional experience and skills could offer attractive face & body painting arts for your shoppers/ guests. Foot Locker trusted us and open for us to design sports-theme face painting & handcrafted temporary tattoo body art!

More events with fiona’s face handcrafted temporary tattoo: 1 (Tissot Watch), 2 (overall events)

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Road to Ultra: Hong Kong 2017

Customized stylish cool designs for the world’s premier EDM festival!

Waterproof airbrush face & body art and perfect even hot & sweating weather 33C degree!

過這個Fiona嗎?又一獨家原創設計專業防水噴繪藝術給這全球第一電子音樂盛事 Road to Ultra: Hong Kong

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UV Party @ Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park

Impressive Summer holiday started and no more school!

Offer the public/ your guests our professional and fun temporary tattoo service and make your party something unique. Many kidults enjoyed a hot night with Fiona’s waterproof UV face/body painting! More events here with us. Contact here for booking.

Annual Dinner – CNCB 信銀國際璀璨夜

很開心參與中信銀行的週年晚宴”信銀國際璀璨夜”, 為大家提供螢光紋身服務!
沒想到短短一小時大排長龍, 無論男女也一起玩!

Sooo exciting to be part of CNCB Annual Dinner by providing Neon Tattoo service for the pretty ladies & gentleman! img_0509img_0506