Interview at London

2018年7 月參加世界臉部彩繪比賽得top 10後,很榮幸邀請接受訪問。
剛巧彩繪師和比賽後去倫敦探親,剛巧BB是32週, 緣份。
Fiona第一次全英語面對鏡頭很緊張, 所有問題都是即場問即場答沒有事情準備。

地點位於倫敦白金漢宮旁的St. James Park, 亦是第一次於戶外畫肚皮, 是繼之前所有訪問另一段難忘、難得及特別的體驗。
在草地上, 有大有小的野餐和談天, 經過的人特別大聲讚賞。其實香港有很多地方也適合拍肚皮彩繪戶外孕照,歡迎查詢

Honored to be interviewed after my 1st face painting (World Award) competition.
Nervous to speak English nonstop in front of camera.
The interview was done at St. James’ Park of London, it’s my first outdoor bellypaint since I have painted for 3 years. Actually many locations in HK are good for outdoor bellypaint & maternity photos too! Detail here.

Thanks David Addis, subscribe his youtube channel:

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