Feature in Magazine ‘Sunday Kiss’

Thanks “Sunday Kiss” featuring my face & baby bump painting!!!

post_coverpost1a臉部彩繪源自西方,近年漸受本地大小朋友歡迎,除出現於不同派對活動,更有懷孕媽媽畫喺肚皮上影相紀念。你都想同囝囝囡囡體驗 face painting 樂趣?即聯絡fiona啦~

photo credit: simon.the.photo

post2Fiona 曾遠赴英國學習專業臉部彩繪藝術,而且採用由歐美入口及國際知名彩繪師都沿用嘅高質素安全顏料,令大小朋友玩得安心又放心! photo credit: Pim Photography    Venue: Baumhaus

post3生日會有得開心畫之外,Fiona 更會與唔同機構或公司合作,為家庭提供彩繪服務,令更多人感受彩繪樂趣。

post4除咗小朋友,Fiona 為年青人設計嘅彩繪圖案亦喺 Let’s Run 2016 及多項大型活動上大受歡迎!

post53歲或以上較適合 face painting,因小朋友已有一定溝通能力,而且可以乖乖安坐。fiona 畫過最細嘅只有9個月大,但得意到咁,都可俾佢試玩簡單圖案啦! photo credit: Pim Photography    Venue: Baumhaus

Baby Bump Gallery by Fiona

“Let‘s celebrate your pregnancy in an unique way”
All are tailor-made designed & painted by
Fiona, a local pioneer of professional bump painting in Hong Kong.

Copyright © fiona’s face HK. All rights reserved.

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BabyBump Painting + Makeup for maternity shooting

All mamas makeup, hairdo, babybump painting by Fiona.

Photographer: simon.the.photo

1st BabyBump painting for Peggy


Mother Peggy would love to try belly painting since she saw fiona’s face & body painting works on web

It’s surprising us that her elder son Shun Shun, want to have body painting with mother, also on the belly too!!

What a sweet & warm photo~!!