Christmas Party

Christmas Face Painting/ Glitter Festival Bar for both kids & kidults!!

So much fun to have face painting in Corporate Christmas Party with kids! December is the peak season and BOOK early!! Contact here
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Shiseido Annual Dinner 2017

UV Glow in your company staff annual dinner

Awesome to be part of SHISEIDO Annual Dinner 2072! 香港資生堂週年晚宴2072
More macro events with our speedy but detail UV glow face & body art here: 1, 2

Contact here for unique entertainment in your coming annual dinner.

UV glow face painting in annual dinner
UV glow face painting in annual dinner
UV glow face painting in annual dinner

Face Painting @ Wise-Kids Christmas Family Party 2015


A Happy Christmas Party @ Wise-kids Playroom and played with the cute kids & family.

Part of the photos credits to Wise-Kids Playroom official website

Merry Christmas!!