Top HK Face Painter by, has nominated Fiona as one of the Top Hong Kong Face Painters and highly recommend for parents in Hong Kong. Thank you very much.

Face painting artworks by fiona: here

Birthday party with fiona & her team artist: here

Corporate events with fiona: here

event makeup/ face art by Fiona: here


Interview by NowTV/ ViuTV 《經緯線~BB保你大》節目訪問

Interview of HK 1st local belly painting artist

為孕媽媽Nata畫一幅較型格的肚皮畫(詳情)外, 分享點點為準爸媽送上祝福及特別紀念這時刻。很多父母心聲和面對的轉變。

Thanks and honor to be part of the NowTV news program as a babybump painting artist, which focus on sharing the stories of new parents. (detail of babybump painting here)

Body Painting of HK artist Fiona

Multiple options to animate your photos/event with Fiona, for example:

  • Body paint for photo sessions;
  • Brand/product promotion, VIP campaign, shop opening, exhibition..etc;
  • Prenatal Body paint or babybump paint (detail)
  • Artistic makeup for costume parties (example), corporate dinner(detail).

Abstract, freestyle, story-telling, cool & chic body artworks by a passionate HK artist (more about Fiona here).

Being body painting model:

If you love my face or body painting art and interest to be my model (no prior experience is needed), go here.

The creative makeup project

mermaid~ started with a pair of false eyelashes in which naughty coral fish & seahorse playing together~


Temporary tattoo art: Henna, Airbrush, Glitter

Fiona can offer temporary tattoo art(waterproof) upon request, or arrange professional & safe Henna artist for your event. Contact here

BabyBump Painting + Makeup for maternity shooting

Exclusive maternity shooting in Hong Kong

Babybump painting is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate your pregnancy and capture that moment forever. I offers and arranges comfortable professional shooting, with my natural makeup & hairdo, tailor-made babybump painting for you with high-quality professional photographers.
香港首位本地化妝彩繪師用心安排的獨家一站式肚皮畫化妝孕照攝影服務, 有關肚皮畫詳情在此

星級媽媽分享按此: 1; 2; 3                    Booking here按此查詢及預約
Photo credit to: Ken Hung Photography

Baby Bump Painting for 荷花 OURS《媽媽寶寶》專題訪問

Interview of HK 1st local belly painting artist

感謝荷花 EugeneBaby《媽媽寶寶》編輯欣賞Fiona的作品並邀請於二零一七年四月號雜誌接受訪問,當日為靚靚媽媽示範並畫上以她大小兒子為主題的肚皮畫。更多訪問及報導。按此查詢及預約。
Thanks “OURS mama & baby” magazine inviting for interview, introducing and demonstrate babybump painting on pretty mama expecting her 2nd son!

for Annual dinners/balls/events

Experienced & high quality styling service

More about Fiona here. Contact here for booking.

Modern & stylish makeup & hairdo for ladies attending special banquet/dinner.

Finished 16-18 CAT faces in 2 hours, specially made for their team musical performance in Annual dinner of Peninsula Hotel! Big congratulations that they got the champion!一口氣兩小時內為半島酒店集團其中16至18位開心員工變為黑貓造型出席公司周年晚宴!恭喜他們順利演出之餘,造型+唱功令他們拿到冠軍!!IMG_8080IMG_1941

Transforming 9 adults into Mad Hatter for joining a night event theme “Alice in Wonderland” and they won “The Best Dressed Table”! Halloween makeup detail here


Special makeup for Annual dinner 上海灘之變身男女~!!

Corporate Annual Party – Shanghai Night~ Congratulations that these two “ladies” won the champion!!! Sooooo pretty & sexy they are!!!

海灘之夜為主題的週年晚宴, 大玩上海灘造型! 兩位”女士”好性感啊~!!! 恭喜他們經fiona悉心打扮後贏了造型冠軍!

Happy Dance Show performance with theme – Circus at HKCEC 灣仔會展

Event styling for MC Candy Wong in Hong Kong Top Brand Awards & Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards Presentation ceremony cum Gala Dinner 2015, 2016, 2018 @HKCEC

Event makeup & hairdo for you to attend an important party!


Baby Bump Painting for 車婉婉





Can you see what horoscopes on the sky?

Feature story in U Magazine

Fiona’s interview about HK’s local babybump painting by U Magazine, Life & Weekend published on 9 March 2017.

U Magazine, Life & Weekend published on 9 March 2017.

Big Day Brides by Fiona

“Natural & Timeless”

Fiona knows exactly how you feel right now as she was a “bride to be” too before!

It’s believed “Natural & Timeless” bridal look is something that suit you most, never  following the trend, and trust me: your men always love you look natural! Contact here to make an appointment for makeup trial & consultation.


Baby Bump Painting feature in “Sunday Kiss” magazine

Thanks Sunday Kiss, introducing the baby bump paintings by Fiona, the local pioneer in Hong Kong.
Click: Original Article


The girl is the sweetest gift for mama papa!


It’s a dream for papa mama in Macau! Visiting their favorite place again with baby!
Bali, a sweet girl made in Bali!


Lucy progressive



Photos credit to: QQ mama, Paula mama黃芳雯, Belle Belle 媽 Candy, Rex of zerorexbaby