bIMG_6015  b6

為由全城街馬協辦 “2015 NWS GEO Hero Run 新創建勇跑地貌王”的跑手及”王者派對”參與者提供臉部彩繪服務
配合西貢地貌景色, 很多大自然的選擇很受歡迎!

Thanks Runourcity and our honor to provide nature & wild-theme face painting service for the runners in NWS GEO Hero Run 2015.

b2bIMG_6047 b1



a2a4bIMG_5986 bIMG_5955bIMG_6010a6a3a5bIMG_5959bIMG_6037a9bIMG_5951bIMG_6029bIMG_5956

bIMG_5952bIMG_5958bIMG_5960bIMG_5968bIMG_5970bIMG_5973bIMG_5977bIMG_5978bIMG_5980 bIMG_5989bIMG_6035


bIMG_5999 bIMG_6012 bIMG_6021

b7 bIMG_6025



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